All Rome property owners:


It's been 3 years since we first heard of the Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) proposed next door in Saratoga.  Efforts by a strong group of Saratoga citizens and some of you have successfully kept it from moving forward.  But, it appears the day of reckoning approaches.  Sources within the DNR indicate the Environmental Impact Report from the organization seeking to build the CAFO is near completion.  The DNR's review has been ongoing and their Environmental Impact Statement is expected early in 2016, possibly February.  Then begins the public review process and public hearing - that time when all your efforts are needed to push back on this proposed CAFO.  This can be done by you attending hearings in person or you can make your feelings known through other means.


Tri-Lakes Management and the Rome Town Board are co-sponsoring an informational meeting for Rome property owners on January 16 at 1 pm at the Rome Town Hall.  Note that this meeting is being held on a Saturday to enable attendance for those of you who don't live here full time.  There will be approximately an hour and a half of presentations from a Dr. of water science, a DNR area director, our state assemblyman, town board member, Tri-Lakes and involved citizens.  Questions are encouraged.  As the DNR permitting process moves forward, this may be your last chance to make a difference in your town's future.


Come and learn why this issue is so important to the maintenance of Rome's air quality, water purity and water levels in our wells and lakes and our property values.  Please mark your calendars and plan to attend this Informational Meeting on Sat, Jan 16 at 1 pm at the Rome Town Hall.  Please share this with your fellow property owners.




Amount of Phosphorus Removed from Tri-Lakes by our Weed Harvesting Operation


'Toxic Algae Cocktail Brews in Lake Erie' - investigative article published in Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Sept 2014


To have a better understanding of Phosphorus and whats going in your lake, please download and read our article below:


Whats going into your lake - Download Here



Link to information on Blue-Green Algae:




Algae Reaction Symptoms 


To report possible blue-green algae, contact Reesa Evans (Adams Co Land and Water) at 608-339-4275


If you get sick after swimming in a Wisconsin lake or river, please report possible algae-related illness; call 608-266-1120 (State of Wis Dept of Health) or call 608-339-4379 (Adams County Dept of Health) or fill out a report online at http://dhs.wi.gov/eh/bluegreenalgae 

This program does not provide medical treatment, so if you are experiencing severe symptoms, seek medical attention immediately.




















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