Beachrollers Are Now Available

We have the cost of the Beachroller Rake down to a delivered cost of $200.00 from the listed cost of $299.00 by the manufacturer.

Due to state sales tax laws, we are only allowed to sell a maximum of 125 units for 21 days.  We received the initial order of 50 today, 5/10,  and will sell through 5/31.

The first 50 that we receive payment for will have a beachroller on hold until it is picked up at the Tri-Lakes office during the below listed office hours.

We do not have the ability to handle credit cards, or alternative payments such as paypal or Venmo.   A check or cash is what we can accept.

As we are limited to the number of units we can sell, we can only offer 1 unit per Tri-Lakes address.


Office Hours

Monday thru Friday

8:00 am to 3:00 pm


Tri-Lakes Management District

1555 Apache Ave, Nekoosa, WI