Update on lake levels

Levels on all three lakes are within the operating range. Evaluation continues on the dam gate mechanisms on Arrowhead and Lower Camelot.

Explanation for lower levels on Lake Sherwood

Tri-Lakes board members Steve Nowicki and Paul Pisellini met this morning with Wally Sedlar, Adams County Conservationist and the dam operator Tom. There is a problem with the gate on Lower Lake Camelot and in order to assess the problem and determine a solution, they have to gain access to the dam gate mechanism from […]

Update on Sherwood and Arrowhead Lake Levels

Low water levels on Sherwood have stabilized. Water coming over the Lower Camelot morning glory is still too high to yet gain access to the dam gate mechanism. Adams County is monitoring the situation so that they can take action as soon as possible. Low levels on Arrowhead are due to the dam gate stuck […]

Update on Camelot, Sherwood and Arrowhead Lake Levels

Work continues to address the open gate on Lake Arrowhead – levels there are low and may continue to be low over the weekend. Sherwood has come up again and will probably be sufficient to enable boats and lifts to be put in over the weekend. However, at some point it will need to be […]

Update on lake levels

Update on Lake Levels Per Adams County Levels on all three lakes are expected to remain within the operating range over the weekend.

Update on lake levels

Arrowhead Lake level will continue to go lower due no rain in the forecast and the actuator is not operating. Adams County LWCD has no way of moving the gate in any direction up nor down so it is approximately 3.5” open. The company that Adams County has hired to install the new actuator has it […]