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Mission and Goals

14 Mile Creek Watershed Committee Mission & Goals

The 14 Mile Creek Watershed Committee seeks to achieve measurable improvement in surface and groundwater quality within the 14 Mile Creek Watershed by supporting and implementing sound conservation practices, and educating, and creating partnerships with all stakeholders.

  • Support and implement the objectives of the Nine Key Element Plan drafted by Adams County and approved by the DNR and EPA. That includes education of all stakeholders, ongoing testing, and improvement of practices throughout the watershed.
  • Seek to utilize the expertise and guidance from organizations outside the watershed and any/ all water quality initiatives relative to our mission to further our goals and provide realistic, cost-effective solutions for our watershed.
  • Improve and then maintain the long-term health of the soil, surface and groundwater in the watershed for the benefit of future generations to come.
  • Protect the interests of all stakeholders in the watershed to ensure that resources will remain viable long-term.
  • Protect the public health of all in our watershed, for both surface water use and drinking water safety.
  • Build a collaborative watershed community able to take on current and future challenges.

14 Mile Watershed Committee Members:

  • Bob Benkowski – TriLakes advisor
  • Rick Georgeson – Petenwell
  • Gary Gross – Arrowhead
  • John Haugen – Town of Rome advisor
  • Carson Heinecke – Camelot
  • Karen Knotek – Sherwood
  • Kason Morley – Adams County Conservation key advisor (9 Key Element Plan)
  • Scott Provost – DNR key advisor
  • Phil Rockenbach – Arrowhead
  • Alex Tomsyck – Business member
  • Dave Trudeau – Sherwood
  • Jerry Wiessinger – Sherwood
  • Don Ystad – Camelot

14 Mile Watershed Committee Contributors:

  • Christina Anderson – WI Land & Water water resources mgr (9 Key Element Plan)
  • Jennifer Bergman – DNR advisor
  • Andrew Craig – DNR non-point source planning coordinator (9 Key Element Plan)
  • Dr. Paul McGinley – UWSP advisor
  • Dr. Steve Oberle – agronomy and groundwater advisor
  • Anna James – Adams County Conservation lakes advisor

Watershed and Lakes

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