Water Level – Flow Issues

Many of you have signed up for or are included on DNR subscription lists to receive news about the Central Sands region or land and water conservation topics. We wanted to let you know about a new effort underway and an opportunity to sign up to get email updates on this topic as well as provide feedback at this opening phase.

Strategic analysis launched for Central Sands water resources

To help find ways to sustainably manage groundwater and surface waters in Wisconsin’s Central Sands region in the future, DNR is launching an effort to collect, analyze and report the latest scientific, natural resources and socio-economic information relating to groundwater and surface waters in the eight-county area.

The strategic analysis aims to characterize the environmental effects of water uses and to consider alternative courses of action to protect groundwater and surface water resources. The analysis aims to provide important information for policymakers and decision makers to help sustainably manage water resources in the region to support farms, industries and residents while protecting lakes, streams and wetlands.