New Initiatives

Below is the Nanobubble presentation by Chris Stephens of Moleaer made at our 9/2/23 Annual Meeting.

Moleaer_Tri Lakes_Nanobubbles as a Restorative tool for Lake Management_annual mtg presentation


Your Tri-Lakes Management Team has been exploring new and innovative ways to improve our water quality by controlling weeds and  algae.  Any treatment plan will have to be reviewed and approved by the DNR and we are hopeful that treatments which have generated positive results on other lakes in the US will be seriously considered.  Alum  and Mizzen applications are two such treatments we are evaluating for the control of algae. Tri-Lakes has also engaged the services of EOR, an award winning, water centric and environmental consulting firm.  EOR has already been proactive in helping us understand the concentrations of various elements in our lake bottom boring samples and their impact on the lakes. With their help we hope to find a variety of solutions which will help us improve water quality. EOR can help us with grant opportunities and DNR approval.