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Notice to all Tri-Lakes Management District property owners! You may or may not know that our 3 lakes are considered Eutrophic. What does that mean?

A lake rich in nutrients and so supporting a dense plant population, the decomposition of which kills animal life by depriving it of oxygen!

Yes, folks, this is where we are at!!!

Additionally Sherwood and Arrowhead are on the state impaired list.

We are convinced that to do nothing will result in the loss of our lakes for any recreational activity within the next 10-15 years. The 9 Key Element plan is not expected to benefit the lakes for 20-30 years per the latest speech given by the now departed 9 KEP employee. The plan does not allow for any lake improvement, only the possibility of better controls of upstream contaminants. We also see no activity by the state, county or DNR to help alleviate this problem on the horizon for our lakes. And truth be told, these are the same agencies responsible for the current situation our lakes and over 2,000 others are in.

After conducting a nanobubble test at the Arrowhead Marina last Sept – Nov and after studying results from several other locations of the 2,500 applications around the world using this technology, your board would like the property owners to move forward with an application to all 3 lakes with this new technology. We believe this is the only solution at this point to stop the destruction and put our lakes back on a restorative path for the future. The cost is very high but Tri-Lakes has the authority to sell bonds for a 20 year period. These bonds should have a 3 percentage point reduction over a loan due to their tax free status.

Here is where we need all your help.
The Tri-Lakes District represents approximately 80% of the Town of Rome’s assessed valuation less Sand Valley and Lido. $1,027,000,000 is the current valuation vs. Rome at $1,302,400,000 not including SV or Lido.

So goes our lakes, so goes Rome.

As the lakes deteriorate, you can expect all property values in the district and the rest of Rome to plummet and in all probability most of the local business will suffer as well. The residents are not responsible for the damage done to our lakes specifically. Yes we have some intrusion with the now outlawed phosphates and greenery buried when the lakes were created, but the vast majority of the nutrients have and continue to come in via upstream.* Your Tri-Lakes board doesn’t believe the property owners should be liable for the cleanup costs and we know that the responsible parties will not help. With that in mind, the Tri-Lakes board is asking all residents to petition the Town board to allocate 80% of the town’s share of all solar farm revenues and 80% of the town share of the room tax be remanded to Tri-Lakes to help offset the cost of this new technology. This will substantially reduce the burden on the taxpayers.

*Approximately 90% of total nitrate inputs into our groundwater originate from agricultural sources. This figure was used in the 11 years before 2022 but is missing in the 2022 and 2023 report.
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