Beach Club Recommendations

The Adams County Land & Water Conservation Department (LWCD) received a grant from the Wisconsin DNR to survey and create a shoreline protection plan for each beach club located on the Tri Lakes. These beach clubs make up 11% of all waterfront property/shorelines on the lakes. It is the hope of Adams County LWCD that property owners on the Tri Lakes will adopt conservation practices to protect the shoreline and the lakes. Conservation practices are used to protect upland vegetation and slow shoreline erosion to increase the strength and longevity of shorelines. A healthy shoreline that utilizes conservation practices helps increase the water quality and overall health of the lake. The grant received by Adams County LWCD only accounts for the planning of these projects, so there is currently no implementation funding available. However with the plans set, it is much more likely for a beach club to receive shoreline protection funding in the future.

The beach club recommendations can be found on the Adams Co. LWCD website at . If you have any questions, or would like to know ways in which you can protect the shoreline of your beach club, please call the Adams County Land and Water Conservation Department at (608) 339-4268.