Second Meeting Explanation

Tri-Lakes is holding a second meeting/vote to satisfy some lenders’ attorneys legal meeting notice requiring the term “levy”. This meeting is for the Tri-lakes electors to cast their vote to allow Tri-Lakes to secure funding for the nanobubble project with a limit of $3 million. We discussed this at our Arrowhead meetings and the cost would amount to $25.11 per $100,000 of property value at the interest cost at that time. We must put the full payment in the levy by statute, but we have already started discussions for grants to help offset your overall tax bill. For instance, if we are able to receive a grant for $100,000, the levy would still be the entire cost of the loan payment, but your tax would be reduced to approximately $15.38 per $100,000 of property value.

There appears to be a lot of rumors out there concerning the efficiency of this project. Moleaer has over 3,000 systems operating in over 54 countries around the world with over 600 of these surface water applications. Our test last year at the Lake Arrowhead marina exceeded our expectations and we have observed several other projects with positive results. Our environmental engineers, EOR, and Moleaer have had several meetings with the DNR to discuss the project and as this is a fairly new use in the United States of a proven technology, they want us to phase in the program and do extensive monitoring for several different areas. Several states have already embraced this technology are issuing permits.  EOR works for Tri-Lakes and has been and will handle any and all testing to ensure we are getting the best information about the effectiveness and desired results. They were surprised as were we at the marina test last year! Check our website,, under Project Clean and Updates for additional information.