Tri-Lakes Tries New Nanobubble Technology

Tri-Lakes tries new Nanobubble Technology in the Fight to Control Algae


On Thursday, August 17, 2023 Tri-Lakes began a trial to eliminate algae at the Lake Arrowhead Marina.  The Marina is about 2 acres in size and the water there tends to become stagnant and a perfect location for algae to thrive.  Nanobubbles are small air bubbles (2500 nanobubbles are about the size of a grain of salt) that super oxygenate the lake water and bottom muck.  This creates an aerobic digestion of nutrients including nitrogen and phosphorus resulting in clean water and solid lake bottom.


This is very exciting news and it is the first proactive strategy which we have found to be viable!  Tri-Lakes’ scientific advisor, EOR, has also reviewed this technology and is hopeful that this process can be scaled up to improve our lake water quality.  During the process water is drawn from the lake, injected with nanobubbles and returned to the lake.


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