Estimated Assessment on 2024 Tri-Lakes Budget

Tri-Lakes Management District 8/18/2023


This memo concerns the estimated assessment on the 2024 Tri-Lakes Budget.


The Town of Rome is currently undergoing a complete assessment and at the time of the mailing, this was the best estimate by the assessor of the Tri-Lakes valuation.


We will contact the assessor before the annual meeting for an update, if available. The final number must be turned in to the town clerk to forward on to the county in early November and we will note that on our website.


Rest assured, we budget to the expected needs of the district, not based on the valuation of the district.  The new assessment is divided by the estimated number of Tri-Lakes properties which will also be updated in November.


We do encourage all electors to attend the annual meeting, September 2, 2023 at 9:00 am at the Tri-Lakes storage building, 1555 Apache Ave. We have a speaker who will discuss the new nonobubble technology we are testing at the Arrowhead Marina.